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device shows "TEST ONLY"

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:13 am
by Admin
1) Prepare a u disk. better no other file in it, format it to FAT32

2) Create a new product_config.ini file in the U disk

3) Turn on the device, then insert the U disk into device, it will get the device ID informations and will create a chip_sn_0000.dat file in the U disk automatically.

4) send this .dat file to sellers, and sellers will send a chip_sn_encrypto_0000.dat file back to you.

5) copy the chip_sn_encrypto_0000.dat file into the U disk. then insert the U disk to device again and turn on device, Wait a while (about 40 seconds), u disk lights do not flash. Restart the set-top box. successful!

if the screen shows: can not found product_config.ini file, kindly insert your U disk to device again, your U disk should input the product_config.ini file (How to create product_config.ini, set your PC can watch the file's Suffix name, then create a txt file, then rename it to be "product_config.ini" , then finished.)